Sing Sing Prison 1870

“Sing Sing Prison and Tappan Sea,” looking south towards New York City and west to the Hudson River Palisades, c. 1867. W. H. Bartlett, artist, Henry Adlard, engraver, originially published in Mary L. Booth, History of the City of New York, Vol. 5 (NY: W.R.C. Clark, 1867) NYPL Digital Collection ID 424199.

Students at New York University, under the direction of Prof. Marion R. Casey of Glucksman Ireland House’s Center for Irish and Irish American Studies, extracted data for all Irish-born prisoners admitted to Sing Sing, the New York State correctional facility in Ossining, New York, in 1870.  The Admissions Ledger included detailed personal information recorded when an inmate first arrived at the prison, including his family background, criminal history, arrest and sentencing, physical characteristics, religion, literacy, temperance habits, and work history. 

That data was entered into a spreadsheet with 27 variables, then cleaned, filtered and sorted to get the results you will see on this website. The database thus created includes 85 men born in Ireland who lived in or near New York City prior to their incarceration in 1870. Some of the results from the project are here:

SPRING 2018 contributors include Marion R. Casey, Paidin Andreas, Emma Benton, Paul Broderick, Kieran Brown, Connor Crowley, Briana Harrington, Brenda Leal, Kiera Eriksen-McAuliffe, Caitlin McCarty, John Melchiorre, Jillian Ostrander, Rowan Robertson-Smith, Zach Stuart, and Taylor Taglianetti.