Mulberry Street Stories

5 Mulberry Street:  William Cahill, laborer, age 28, married, was shot dead during the Dead Rabbits/Bowery Boys Riot.  NEW YORK TRIBUNE, 6 July 1857.

5 Mulberry Street: Daniel Bergen, native of Ireland, age 28, drowned with his wife and son at Port Chester.  Volume of poetry found in his pocket. NEW YORK TRIBUNE, 8 July 1857.

7 Mulberry Street

9 Mulberry Street


56 Mulberry Street: Michael Conway, age 26, died of injuries sustained on a construction site eight weeks earlier.  NEW YORK TRIBUNE, 20 July 1857.

65 Mulberry Street: the Nealis Family.

138 Mulberry Street

Located on the block between Hester and Grand Streets, 138 Mulberry Street was across the street from Public School No. 1 for Colored Children. Unlike some of their neighbors who had bank accounts, Mrs. Morris kept her savings at home. $200 in 1857 is the equivalent of $5,510 in 2013.

Pernicious Novels

The story of the legendary Jack Sheppard, an 18th century English thief who escaped prison four times, was re-popularized by William Harrison Ainsworth’s novel, Jack Sheppard (1840), which was illustrated by George Cruikshank.  Charles Loring Brace, a Protestant social reformer, was the founder, in 1853, of the New York Children’s Aid Society.


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  1. Lieby Geri

    I am interested in the blacksmith and harness makers who lived on Mulberry Street 1877-1887. Can you point me to any information?


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