Leaving Ireland

The offices of Pilkington & Wilson were on Water Street in Liverpool. The company’s main business was Australia, but during the years of the Irish Famine, its ships were chartered for American ports, especially New Orleans. It sent out “The Rockaway,” under Captain Robert Bosworth, from Liverpool on April 19, 1850 which arrived in New York on July 12, 1850. On this voyage was Robert Henderson from Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, who opened Acct. No. 5229 with Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank in 1853. Photo of recreated quay office by Marion R. Casey, June 2019, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool.

Catherine Creamer, James McCarthy and Charles McCarthy, all residents of New York County’s 12th Ward in the middle of the nineteenth century, emigrated from Ireland aboard the America, part of Samuel Thompson & Nephews’ Black Star Line fleet. This ship weighed 1137 tons and was built in 1847. Advertisement, The Evening Post (New York), July 10, 1846.