22 Prince Street, Connacht Boarding House

22 Prince St (2015)

22 Prince St (2015)

When investigating the ESB account holders who named 22 Prince St as their place of residence between 1856-60, the data seems to indicate that this was the location of a bustling boarding house.  13 ESB account holders claimed 22 Prince as their home at the time they opened their account – of those 13, the majority were originally from Connacht (Galway and Roscommon specifically).  Bridget Quinn, the assumed proprietor of this ‘Boarding House’, herself arrived in New York in 1848 from the port of Liverpool and was a native of Attiregan, Co. Galway.  Soon widowed, it appears that she kept ownership of the boarding house – and a preference for boarders hailing from the Western counties of Ireland.

Percentage of 22 Prince St boarders from Connaught


From Connaught, by county





A brief breakdown of the resident account holders demonstrates a definitive clustering of famine-era, Cannaught immigrants from a wide range of occupation categories.

  •  Bridget Quinn (widower, 2 children) – Proprieter, native of Attiregan, Co Galway.  Arrived 1848.
  • William Haggerty (married to Catherine Haggerty, no children) – Unemployed.  Arrived 1831.  Native of Longford, Co Longford.
  • Thomas Morris (widower, 3 children) – Laborer.  Arrived 1837.  Native of Kiltrevan, Co Roscommon.
  • Ann McNaboo (Single) – Domestic.  Arrived 1841.  Native of Clongesh, Co Longford
  • John McAnulty (Single) – Laborer.  Arrived 1852.  Native of Castlemagee, Co Mayo.
  • Michael Malloy (married, 1 child) Laborer.  Arrived 1846.  Native of Ballymacward, Co Galway.
  • Julia Lynch (widow, 1 child) – Washer.  Arrived 1848.  Native of Ballinasloe, Co Galway.
  • Felix Duggan (single) – Laborer.  Arrived 1852.  Native of Rossinver, Co Leitrim.
  • Catherine Curley (single) – Domestic.  Arrived 1856.  Native of Creagh, Co Roscommon.
  • Patrick Connor (wife, no children) – Baker.  Arrived 1855.  Native of Castlerea, Co Roscommon.

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